Oconee a satisfied member of South Carolina “A-COG”

For a relatively small member’s fee, Oconee County enjoys big benefits from a government service agency based in Greenville.  Oconee’s contribution to South Carolina Appalachian Council of Governments is just short of $34 thousand a year yet, as detailed last night by “A-COG” executive director Steve Pellisier, the county reaped $34 million, though he conceded that in 2023 that amount consisted mainly of American Rescue Act funds, a federal fund that is winding down in the aftermath of COVID-19.  The 2023 big ticket items which “COG” channeled into Oconee County:  $1.8 million for intersection work at SC 24 and 182 at Oakway and $2.5 million for improving SC 59 and 182 at Fair Play.  Julian Davis, the District Four councilman, called the government service agency “a great arm” of Oconee government.