Two counties to test sirens

Oconee Nuclear Station conducts a series of siren tests Wednesday (September 26) between 8 a-m and 4 p-m in both Oconee and Pickens counties. The test is in addition to the normal siren test schedule listed in the 2012 emergency planning calendar and results from an upgrade in the siren system. The 65 alert notification sirens within a ten-mile radius of Oconee Nuclear will sound for about one minute and the test may occur more than once. No public action is necessary. The test is conducted in cooperation with the State of South Carolina, as well as Oconee and Pickens counties. Because this is a test, local broadcasting stations will not interrupt regular programming to broadcast Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages. If there were ever a real emergency at the plant requiring the sirens to be sounded, local radio and television stations would broadcast information and instructions to the public. For questions related to the siren test, call the World of Energy (864/873-4600 or 1-800/777-1004, select option 1. Questions about the tests may also be directed to county emergency management agencies.