The texts both Gaulin and McMahan’s statements

Here is the response yesterday by David McMcMahan, chairman of Oconee Republicans, to earlier remarks by Jody Gaulin, chairwoman of Oconee Democrats.  (The chairpersons’ statements center on whether some county Republicans might switch to the Democratic Party based on the events during the Republicans’ county convention April 10):

“The Oconee County Republican Party, with grassroots efforts, re-organized 15 precincts throughout the county in less than 20 days.  The enthusiasm within the Republican Party is the greatest I’ve ever seen in Oconee County, so it makes sense that Ms. Gaulin would want to recruit from people from our ranks because of our willingness to work and our enthusiasm. But Ms. Gaulin must get out of her Democratic bubble and come back down to earth if she thinks any Republican in Oconee County is going to believe or promote socialism, stripping of our First and Second Amendment rights, believing in the de-funding of the police, the infanticide of our unborn, and court-packing the Supreme Court when things don’t go their way.  Actually, I’ve recruited Democrats into the Republican Party because of leftist, socialist Democrats that have abandoned their own people.” — David McMahan, new chairman of Oconee Republicans.

Earlier Jody Gaulin, chairwoman of Oconee Demcorats, provided this statement to 101.7/WGOG NEWS in response to our question of whether the Democrats see opportunity to recruit Republicans:

“Yes, the Oconee County Democratic Party views this as an opportunity.  We believe in good government not an ideology.  The s-ocalled conservative ideology being spouted in Oconee today does not govern.  Good government provides and maintains good roads, water and sewer systems, solid waste management, excellent public schools, public safety, and parks and recreation.  Good government protects the water we drink, the air that we breathe, and our beautiful natural resources and provides opportunity and equality for all.  These things are the keys to a flourishing economy, jobs, happy people.  That is what the Democratic Party is working for.  We are the right choice for those who want to see Oconee flourish.  It won’t happen with just talk.”