Stand up against domestic violence

The recent tragedies that took lives and injured Oconeeans in cases of murder-suicide and other crimes in the home place have prompted some of our community’s leaders to step up a public awareness effort. As assistant solicitor Lindsey Simmons put it, it’s important for everyone to understand that violence in the home is no longer a private matter. It’s a crime which everyone can no longer ignore.

Let’s say you witness or hear an incident of domestic violence. It then takes some courage on the part of a witness to do the right thing. What is the right thing? As explained by Simmons during last week’;s news conference, the right thing is to report what you’ve seen or heard to enforcement.

It’s sad that the regional organization taking early steps to establish a shelter for the abused in Oconee has had to take the occasion of five dead and one seriously hurt to drum up the need for financial and other support, but that simply is a sign of our times. Often we don’t solve a problem until it squarely fronts us.

That’s our view. What’s yours?