Public school year begins tomorrow

One day of summer freedom is all that remains for Oconee public school children. Approximately, 10 thousand Oconee children will make their way to the start of class tomorrow—by foot, by car, by bus. Last year’s day one enrollment was 10, 391. Dr. Mike Lucas, county superintendent, expresses excitement for the start of a new year and he believes the district is ready. Lucas has this advice to parents: “….let students who plan to ride the bus do so on the first day. This helps them match up the bus and bus number. It also makes it easier for the school because they typically note the bus young children get off of when they arrive at school. This will help to make sure the end of the day activities go more smoothly.” As for the night before day one tomorrow, Lucas says, “I would recommend that students get plenty of sleep tonight, and prepare any school items, like their book bag, prior to going to bed. Also, check the time that school begins (or the anticipated time of bus arrival), and ensure enough time is allowed in the morning to prepare for the day….”