Moulder foresees Seneca party atmosphere

One of the ideas kicking around in the head of Seneca’s first-year administrator is creating Seneca as a destination spot for Clemson football fans on Game Day Saturdays. Scott Moulder told the Seneca Rotary Club this week that he’s interested in what Clemson fans would think about the idea of renting RV spaces to Tiger fans, considering that Clemson appears to be pushing RV owners away from Memorial Stadium into areas outlying the stadium. Seneca would run “CAT” buses to and from the stadium and promise to deliver fans to the front door at Frank Howard Field. And, for those fans not going to the game, Seneca would erect a large, blow-up TV screen. According to Moulder, the advantage of hosting additional visitors on Game Day and a couple of days before is that the visitors will bring money to spend on shopping, including meals at local restaurants.