Money constraints continue to thwart new Seneca library project

Nothing’s moving on a new Seneca library to replace the original mid 1960s building still being used today. But Blair Hinson, director of the Oconee Public Library, says the board of trustees hasn’t given up. “We are continuing to work with the county and work with our Friends of the Library looking at different ways of fundraising,” Hinson says. After Monday’s meeting of the county school board of trustees, at least one thing is certain. When a Seneca replacement library is built, it won’t be built on the grounds of the Blue Ridge Elementary School. Several years ago nearly five acres on the school grounds were set aside for what was once envisioned as a combination public and school library. But that idea never gained traction, and now the property is reverting to the control of the public school district. Hinson says the last decision made by the library board is to place the new Seneca library on the grounds of the existing library on S. 2nd Street.