Editorial—-Dedicated “CAT” stops

Clemson Area Transit provides a great service to Seneca and other parts of Oconee by offering dependable bus passenger service—at no charge. And it will continue that service, perhaps, expanding it to the Walhalla and Westminster areas some day, unless the federal government falls off the financial cliff.

The re-election of the Obama-Biden ticket is a sign that you can count on the federal government providing money and other incentives to park the car and ride a bus, as a way to lessen our dependence on a finite source of oil.

One thing we hear occasionally from the public is a preference for dedicated bus stops for “CAT”—such as the stop in front of Seneca’s downtown park. Seneca’s ambitious plans to breathe new economic vitality in a stretch of E.N. 1st Street could be an opportunity for the city to insist on at least one dedicated bus stop with its own turn off for passenger pick ups and let-offs.

Maybe with the new motel on E.N. 1st and other improvements there will give Seneca a better gateway to its downtown.

That’s our view. What’s yours?