Covidien thinning its OC workforce

          Management of a long-running Oconee County manufacturing operation, in preparation of its move to a Central American country, has been reducing its workforce in trickles.  One official tells us, however, he’’s expecting a wave of job terminations soon.
                For displaced workers here, the closing of the Covidien plant at Bountyland is likely to be traumatic.  For Oconee’’s psyche, it’s a quite a blow also—considering the many years of a plant that provided employment, often round-the-clock—whether it was Kendall, Tyco, or its modern-day successor Covidien.
                As the closing became reality a year ago, there were complaints of little communication between company and county.  To some extent, that has changed of recent.  A line of communications has been opened so that the county may assist Covidien in trying to find a new owner for the building.
                For, some time in 2014 in what’’s expected to be the final operation of the Covidien plant near Seneca, you can expect to a see a “For Sale” sign go up in front of the building.
                That’’s our view.  What’s your’s?