Better communication can help, candidates say

The 13th of March will be this year’s municipal election in Seneca. Last night the five men and one woman contesting for the available four city council seats spoke at a chamber of commerce political forum which allowed them to explain why they are running along with their thoughts about some of the more important issues facing their city. There appeared to be some consensus that better communication is needed to keep the citizenry informed of what the city is up to. The ball got rolling on better information after incumbent Stuart Pohl said he thought it’s probably time for Seneca to dust off a study that calls for a re-make of the entire stretch of N. 1st Street, the main drag thru town. Challenger Robert Holbrooks seized on that by saying the N. 1st Street project is exactly the kind of thing he’s unaware of and should be something communicated better. Holbrooks, a former city councilman, said he attended three recent city council meetings and found them to be too short, one of them, he said, lasted seven minutes. Holbrooks says council meetings should be the place where real problems are aired. Candidates W-C Honeycutt Jr., Scott Durham, Denise Rozman, and Joel Ward also took part in the forum. Remarks by all six will be featured throughout the day on 101.7/WGOG NEWS.