Accident UPDATE

Spokesman for SC Highway Patrol said this morning’s accident near Clemson involved two drivers–one from Greenville; the other, from Spartanburg.  Trooper Joe Hovis said motorcyclist Anthony Turner, 33, of Spartanburg was hurt in a head-on crash on 123 in front of Paws Restaurant.  The impact occurred in the westbound lanes.  According to Hovis, car driver Adrian James Potter, 61, of Greenville was in his proper direction of travel–the westbound lanes.  The accident occurred, Hovis said, when Turner’s motorcycle wound up in the westbound lanes headed eastbound.  Questions about charges and the origin of the incident have been referred to the Georgia Patrol.  A chase from Georgia through downtown Toccoa is believed to have passed thru Westminster and Seneca before its end on 123 near Clemson.