What Whitmire gleaned from his talk with McMaster

From his talk this week with Governor McMaster, Oconee’s Bill Whitmire senses that the state’s chief executive will be in his corner come primary election time.  “He (McMaster) has been a very good governor to work with.  I just recently met with him just this past week and we had a good conversation.  I feel like he’s very supportive of me and my re-election bid,” Whitmire said when interviewed by 101.7/WGOG NEWS. ”  On June 14, Whitmire will ask District One voters to return him to the House of Representatives where, in 20 years, he is realizing the benefits of seniority. Two of those benefits are Whitmire’s chairmanship of the committees that control public education spending and college and university screening.  In the Republican primary, he faces a challenge from political newcomer Wally Sparks of Salem.