Westminster to ask for Presidential declaration

Scott Krein of Oconee Emergency Services says the paperwork is in progress to qualify Oconee County and its five municipalities to recover at least some of the costs incurred in the cleanup from Tropical Storm Irma in September.  But it may take up to one year to receive funds thru the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reimburse expenses. Thru FEMA, Westminster is an example of the cities wishing to recover money spent for the cleanup required from Tropical Storm Irma in September.  Mayor Brian Ramey said this morning that Chris Carter, the city administrator, is gathering the costs of paying workers overtime and the cleanup required and will assemble those figures into an application that would seek a Presidential damage declaration.  Ramey concedes the magnitude with which FEMA is dealing from nature’s wrath is so great there likely won’t be much money available to Westminster, but his city will appreciate what money it can obtain.  Westminster is also facing costs for fixing the raw water line into the Chauga River and what are called “immediate repairs” needed at the water treatment plant.