Westminster meeting was a no-vote meeting


The elected leaders of Westminster tackled two issues during a closed-door session that lasted a couple of hours last night at City Hall, but there were no votes afterward about anything discussed privately.  The two topics for last night’s special get together were the in-person interview of a man interested in the job of city administrator and further discussion of second thoughts about the purchase of 62 acres on Hall Street for a future recreation complex.  Before the voting that closed the doors to two reporters and a handful of interested members of the public, there was confusion and some disagreement about whether the property purchase was a proper subject for the meeting.  Mayor Brian Ramey, defender of acquiring the property, said he thought the matter was of sufficient public importance that it should have been reserved for the larger meeting venue at the fire department instead of the cramped City Hall conference room.  However, Councilman Danny Duncan explained that it was he who moved to table the issue at a recent meeting and he was interested last night in  taking it off the table and returning it for discussion.  Seated between Ramey and Duncan was Andrew Holliday, the city attorney.  Holliday said it was his understanding that it was Duncan’s intent to table discussion until the next regular meeting (November).  But Duncan said not regular meeting, but the next meeting.