Water quality advisories repealed

The Oconee Joint Regional Sewer Authority has issued a repeal of the water quality advisories for Seneca Creek, Coneross Creek, and Duck Pond Reservoir in Oconee County. The notices were issued as a precaution due to sewer overflows caused by a 25-to-50-year storm event that impacted the county Thursday, February 6, which led to an inflow of stormwater and floodwater into the OJRSA and adjoining satellite sewer systems.
A summary for each release is shown below:
• Flat Rock Pumping Station spilled 213,250 gallons from February 6th until February 8th due to flooding at Duck Pond Reservoir;
• The trunk sewer along Coneross Creek at the OJRSA Coneross Water Reclamation Facility released 305,750 gallons on February 6th and 7th due to a 50-to-100-year flood of the creek; and
• Seneca Creek Pumping Station spilled 22,000 gallons the morning of February 6th due to inflow in the sewer collection system upstream of the station.
The OJRSA will collect E. coli samples from the impacted locations once the impaired streams return to normal flow levels.