Water issues addressed by Walhalla City Council

Walhalla City Council agreed last night to adjust a huge water bill accrued by a S. Spring Street customer who failed to notice a leak on his side of the meter.  Scott Parris, the utilities superintendent, said the leak of 92 thousand gallons of water amounted to a $4,800 bill for one month.  The mayor and council, in agreeing to the adjustment, considered factors such as the customer renting the mobile home had only a two-month history with the city and the fact that both the customer and the landlord simply missed noticing the problem until it was too late.  Parris also reported an overflow problem with the Thompson Avenue water tank which led to water runoff affecting two homes.  The utilities department has since lowered the level in the tank but an effort to divert future runoffs, Parris said, are delayed by a right-of-way dispute with a property owner.