The latest South Carolina briefing

In his briefing late this afternoon, Gov. McMaster announced an executive order requiring all people coming into South Carolina to self-quarantine for 14 days—especially those coming from the virus “hot spots” including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Orleans. Following McMaster, state epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell reports an additional 84 South Carolina infections and four deaths—brings to 13 the death toll. She said there are 1,800 samples currently to be processed. As for available beds in South Carolina hospitals, 54% of them are occupied—but the occupancy rate is down by 308 since just past Monday. She also recommended that if South Carolinians feel only mild symptoms, they should self quarantine and avoid tying up medical personnel who are being overworked, but if those symptoms worsen then, by all means, try to see a doctor. Senator Graham this afternoon said the country is in a long fight against the disease and he downplayed the idea of re-opening the economy—unless science tells us it is the right thing to do. He predicts the economy is going to be in for continued rough ride the next couple of weeks.