Taking down the principals in “Operation Avalanche”

Oconee Sheriff’s Office identified two people today who they consider major players in the importation of methamphetamine into Oconee County and other parts of the Carolinas. The Sheriff’s Office requests help in learning the whereabouts of Amy Deanna Cobb and Mickey Edward Cox.  Sheriff Crenshaw and his narcotics unit believe the sub group of a Mexican cartel in Atlanta has been responsible for trying to traffic 2,000 pounds of meth into the county in at least the last six months. Meantime, narcotics officers have made arrests. And Crenshaw says as far as he’s concerned, he’d like to see life prison terms for those convicted because they are bring poison into the community. That’s a reference to the addictive quality of using meth. Crenshaw says his office is fighting the problem of supply and demand. Demand can be lowered if those at risk to taking illegal drugs will take advantage of free help to wean them off the habit. The state Vocational and Rehabilitation Department and, coming soon, Christ Central Ministries are examples of Oconee county groups that can help.