Strong feedback against a roundabout in Oakway

Close to 80 percent of those who responded said they are opposed to a roundabout on SC 24 in the heart of Oakway community.  At the request of 101.7/WGOG NEWS, the South Carolina DOT released the following numbers.  Of 127 people who weighed in, 99 are opposed and 24 in favor.  Four people either asked questions or provided general information.  Breaking down the opposition showed 70 people who say there’s no need for a circular intersection at 24, 182, and the Oak Creek Road.  Forty-one respondents want the roads fixed and 14 called for alternate improvements.  As to where the potential project stands, the DOT described it this way:  “SCDOT is currently in the process of evaluating public comments and identifying potential alternatives (in response to comments) to present to the COG this summer.”  The idea of the roundabout, which would be Oconee’s second, ranked #6 on the transportation improvement plan of the regional government service agency the South Carolina Appalachian Council of Governments.