Prisma Health detects disturbing virus swing

The Prisma Health hospitals which include Oconee Memorial are seeing more COVID-19 patients and those patients tend to be younger.  At the start of the world pandemic, the thinking was that those who are young and in good health are the least likely to contract the virus.  That may still well be the case, but a Prisma Health doctor today reported that COVID-19 patients between the ages of 20 and 39 are increasing, and there has been a decrease by a few percentage points of those patients 60 and older who are being hospitalized.  It leads Dr. Scott Sasser, Prisma’s incident commander for the virus, to urge everyone to take seriously the simple steps that, if followed, should hold down contracting and transmission incidents.  Prisma Heal in the last three weeks has seen a doubling of COVID-19 patients.  By last night, there were 204 COVID-19 patients in the various Prisma hospitals.