Oconee leaders requested to accept the appraised price

Oconee County leaders are primed to act next week on a complex land transaction near Westminster.  In the end, the deal is to protect the Chauga River watershed and property adjoining the county’s Chau Ram Park.  Tuesday night’s agenda calls for the county council to buy the 218.67 acre Chauga Heights tract with the help of a $550 thousand grant from the SC Conservation Bank and Naturaland Trust.  The county’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Commission recommends the purchase.  The PRT further recommends a conservation easement in which the county will work with Upstate Forever “to protect the property and the Chauga River watershed in perpetuity and to allow for a master plan to be completed that will enhance public use of the property. The master plan will focus on passive and leisure recreation opportunities like expanding the lodging opportunities, increase hiking/biking trails and to create an interpretive center for the public to enjoy….”