Motorists treated to smooth ride after detour roads fixed

That smile you see on the faces of those who drive the roads of an Oconee County detour reflects the quality of an impromptu repair job made further necessary by the weight the detour traffic placed on two roads already in poor shape. But that’s now in the past, as a road paver has applied new asphalt covering to Dixon and Singleton roads. They are two rural state roads that motorists between Westminster and Georgia have had to get used to until another contractor is able to restore a U-S 123 roadside that has collapsed under the pressure of extraordinary rainfalls. The South Carolina DOT gives credit to King Asphalt of Liberty which, as a sub-contractor, paved the detour roads. King acted as sub-contractor to S&S Construction of Anderson, which has the job to restore the collapsed section of roadside. Alan Adams, DOT resident construction engineer, says the cost to pave the detour road was about $135 thousand. S&S’s contract to restore the roadside amounts to $1.3 million. “We had approximately $233,000 in Full Depth Patching built into the contract (the 1.3 million), so we were able to subtract that from the cost to reconstruct the detour,” Adams said.