Highlights from today’s Prisma Health news conference

Highlights from today’s Prisma Health news conference:


—There are about 5 million South Carolinians.  If all choose to take the vaccine, about 10 million doses will be.


—Mark O’Halla, Prisma president, says his organization (and the state) are limited to the number of doses made available from the manufacturers.


—Dr. Saccocio, co-leader of the Prisma vaccine task force:  about 22,000 doses have been administered across the Prisma community.


—About 50% of Prisma health care workers have been vaccinated; so far, only 3 moderate reactions; and zero severe reactions;


— Individuals who contact Prisma Health can fill out an online form of its website www.prismahealth.org/vaccine or call 833-2-PRISMA for an appointment.


—When authorized by state officials, Prisma Health will begin vaccinating the rest of Phase 1b.  That includes essential workers, such as teachers, those working in public infrastructure, such as sanitation, the post office, manufacturing, and many others.