Greenway Connector unveiled during Walhalla meeting

A Walhalla official believes it’s not a stretch that a movement can materialize over a period of years in which some of the city’s public lands can be converted to greenways. And those greenways, according to City Administrator Brent Taylor, can serve to connect the Palmetto Trail from the Stumphouse Tunnel Park to the city’s downtown. Taylor told members of the city’s Partners for Progress that they can help champion the project which will take time and money. In his presentation, Taylor showed sketches of how a greenway connector can transform the city from the swimming pool at West Main all the way to Ann Street downtown encompassing the Broad streets, north and south. He told the Partners to not let a $5.7 million estimate scare them, for Walhalla will be active in applying for grants to help defray the costs. Mayor Danny Edwards and Partners member Janet Smalley are among the most enthusiastic supporters of a greenway connector and what it can do help attract visitors and business. Smalley believes Walhalla has ample lands that lend themselves to green spaces to enhance the quality of living.