Gates to be tested at Hartwell Dam June 3

A spectacle that proves popular to the public returns next week at the Hartwell Dam near Hartwell, Georgia and Anderson, South Carolina.  Safety officials will test the spillway gates at the Hartwell Dam starting at 9:30 Thursday morning, June 3.  The test is required to ensure the gates work properly in the event that high water events require an emergency release. The public may attend but must stay out of the water downstream because of strong currents and heavy turbulence.  Crowds are expected.  Social precautions should be taken.  Drones are not permitted near or above the dam, including in adjoining parks.  For the Hartwell Dam test, visitors may park at Big Oaks Recreation area in Georgia and walk the paved trail to a spot close to the dam.  You may also park at the South Carolina Viewing Area or Overlook Area on the South Carolina side and walk the paved trail to the dam.  The water releases offer a spectacular view but, according to the Corps of Engineers, the actual effect on lake levels is minimal.  At this time, Hartwell reservoir is above full summer levels.