Fair-Oak Youth Center wants Dixie Youth status

If possible, Fair-Oak Youth Center would like to field baseball and softball teams this season, under the umbrella of Dixie Youth sports. But there’s a catch that Fair-Oak leaders hope to overcome, if not by this ball season, by the next season. To re-gain a Dixie Youth charter it once had, Fair-Oak must rely on Westminster and Townville recreation departments surrendering territory from which those recreation departments draw children. “We’re asking right now that Westminster give up their boundary line, actually not give it up, give it back to us. And Townville also bring their boundary line in,” Terry Swain told 101.7/WGOG NEWS. Swain, who chairs the Fair-Oak board of directors, arranged a meeting Tuesday afternoon to draw attention to Fair-Oak’s need. Among those attending were two Oconee County Council members, Chairwoman Edda Cammick and Glenn Hart, who represents the Fair Play area. Cammick said she would like the problem resolved before council decides to increase recreation department funding. To the countywide recreation task force, Westminster Mayor Brian Ramey has voiced the case for increased funding to help compensate his city for recreation department athletes who live outside the city limits. Swain says the matter of what needs to be done for Fair-Oak Youth Center to regain Dixie Youth status will be discussed further at the Fair-Oak board meeting at 6:30 Thursday night in the cafeteria of the former Oakway school, and the public is invited to come to learn more and to ask questions.