Estimated Oconee property tax assessments


Regardless whether there is a reassessment cycle, the work to figure numbers on which Oconee bases tax assessment is constant and continuing, according to a statement provided to 101.7/WGOG NEWS by Kevin Robinson, county assessor.  A table of Oconee taxable assessed values covering the last seven years shows steady incremental increases have now near the figure of $400 million.  Robinson traces the growth in Oconee’s tax base to properties that are sold, land that is subdivided or combined, along with new homes, businesses and other improvements that wind up on the tax books.  And, addressing questions that have cropped up at recent county council meetings, Robinson said the 2020 state-mandated reassessment was implemented for tax year 2022, and reflected on the tax bills that were mailed last fall.  The next state-mandated assessment is to be completed in 2025 and implemented for tax year 2026.  In one of Oconee’s neighbors to the north, Macon County, North Carolina (home to the town of Highlands), the county commissioners and tax office deal with figures not in the millions, but in the billions.  And that’s attributable to expensive homes on the Highlands Plateau.   The Macon County Tax Office is now reappraising all property in Macon County.