Editorial—Senecans get a chance to make their views known

In proposing Seneca’s spending plan for a new year, the mayor has described it as a budget not so much for 2013-14 as it is for the future of the children and the grandchildren of today’s adults. In Mayor Alexander’s view, the city must borrow and raise taxes and raise rates to pay for projects that will ensure the city’s well being. That’s Mayor Dan Alexander’s view.

You may have a different opinion…or you may feel that Alexander and the eight-member city council are doing things just right. Whichever opinion you hold June 27 is your date to make it known. That night, at 6 o’clock, Seneca will hold public hearings on all of its budgets proposed for the next year. And you’re invited.

That night, once the hearing is completed, the mayor and council are scheduled to take final reading on the budgets. The new year for Seneca starts four days later on July 1.

That’s our view. What’s yours?