Editorial— Major change before OMC

Everyone of us has an interest in assuring that our local hospital stays strong for the good health of the community and for the positive impacts it has on the Oconee County economy. That’s why it behooves everyone to follow with interest a major change that is before Oconee Medical Center.

At the annual membership meeting one week from tonight, a resolution is to be presented in favor of allowing the board of directors to choose its own members. That would strip hospital association members of the right to select those who form the policy-making board.

Democratic in its truest sense, Oconee Memorial Hospital Association’s “town hall” style of way of electing directors seems outdated. Hunter Kome, vice president for OMC Operations, says the association is unique in South Carolina and is an older form of governance for a not-for-profit, 501-C3 organization, such as OMC’s. And Kome says it’s now common for hospital boards to pick their own members. That being the case enhances the need for board members to reflect well on their community and possess the know-how and intelligence to carry out their duties. Which in the case of OMC are so important to our community.

That’s our view. What’s yours?