Editorial—Chance to question your leaders

How often do you get the chance to question your elected leaders . . . and get an answer back immediately? Critics of Oconee overnment leaders will likely tell you not enough.

But the chambers of commerce are to be commended for the time and expense they’ve taken to hold countywide town hall meetings. The last in a series of five meetings takes place from6:30to8 o’clocktonight in the auditorium atSenecaHigh School.

On stage will be County Administrator Scott Moulder and all five members of county council: Chairman Joel Thrift, along with Paul Corbeil, Wayne McCall, Archie Barron, and Reg Dexter.

So, you may want to devote your night to hearing about the latest when it comes to creating jobs and building a new jail, among other issues. If you care to ask a question, you are asked to submit it in writing at any one of the chamber officers in Seneca, Walhalla, and Westminsteror by email to [email protected]

That’s our view. What’s yours?