Early (absentee) voting is underway

Tuesday, November 5 isn’t the only day you can cast a ballot in your 2019 municipal election in Oconee County. Absentee voting is underway in advance of Election Day and, if you qualify, all you have to do to vote early is to get in touch with the office of Registration and Elections in Walhalla. This time there are four municipal elections on November 5—in Walhalla, Westminster, Salem, and West Union. Ahead of Election Day also will be at least two opportunities for Walhalla voters to meet and hear what their candidates have to say. Councilman Tjay Bagwell, one of four candidates for Walhalla mayor, announced last night the two candidate forums will be 6:30 Tuesday night, October 22 at the Depot, hosted by Partners for Progress; and 7 o’clock Wednesday night, October 30 at the Performing Center for the Arts, sponsored by the Journal.