“Dream big for Seneca”

Seneca’s pipeline of projects includes new uses for large, empty commercial buildings in the downtown and an amphitheater.  The city’s to-do list got bigger yesterday when the city council and the city department heads retreated to an afternoon of brainstorming.  Each member of council chipped in with ideas and, in no time, their suggestions filled four large sheets of poster-type paper.  The backdrop for the strategic planning meeting was a jewel of city government, the water treatment plant, with its panoramic view of Lake Keowee.  Even before retreat moderator Trey Eubanks invited Seneca’s elected leaders to “dream big”, city administrator Scott Moulder elicited from the various department heads a recitation of what they have recently accomplished for the betterment of the city.  It’s clear, at least from the intent of yesterday’s session, there’s much more to come and money won’t be a problem.  Josh Riches, the city’s financial director, told the meeting:  “You guys have accomplished a lot, but we still have money.”  Later Moulder made clear to reporters the city has been fortunate to acquire large grants from outside sources.  An example is Seneca’s share of a $3.4 million Mellon Foundation award that the city of Seneca, the city of Clemson, and Clemson University are using a create a Black Heritage Trail that’ll make for walking trails along with historic markers depicting local Black history.