Crimes against vacationer bring three-year term

A York County man has been enjoying vacations in Oconee County for nearly 25 years, but he’s now re-thinking whether it’s safe to come back after he and his family were victimized by crime. After fishing in an upper Oconee creek in May, Christopher Walden came back to his vehicle and discovered a man breaking in. Deputy Solicitor Lindsey Simmons said Andrew Lane Carver was arrested after a chase that ended in Anderson County. Today Carver pleaded guilty to assault and battery first degree, fail to stop for blue light, breaking into motor vehicle, and malicious injury to property. Defense lawyer Suzanne Earle said of Carver, “His problem is drugs.” Judge Sprouse ordered a three-year prison term with the stipulation that while, in prison, Carver take advantage of a program to help addicts.