Councilman re-thinks declaration to step down

There’s talk in Westminster that two city councilmen who abruptly vowed to step down from their council terms after only one year have thought it over and will remain, and one of them has confirmed that in an interview with 101.7/WGOG NEWS just moments ago.  That’s Rusty Cater.  And it means, at least in Cater’s case, there won’t have to be a special election to fill the remaining three years of the term he won in November last year.  Cater says he doesn’t know how his colleague, Danny Duncan, feels about it and referred that question to Duncan.  An initial attempt yesterday to reach Duncan was unsuccessful.  Cater called what he blurted out during an August 25 meeting, in hindsight, “a kneejerk reaction” during a squabble over whether the city’s nepotism policy should forbid any immediate member of an elected official’s family from holding full-time city employment.  That issue potentially could impact the family of Councilman Reid Adams and his wife, Jennifer, the city clerk-treasurer.  Cater looks forward to an Attorney’s General opinion that could resolve the controversy that divides the city council.