Convenience store worker sues his employer

An Oconee County man is suing his employer, alleging he was discriminated against when it came to promotions. The lawsuit in the Common Pleas Court was filed yesterday by Pendleton attorney Howard Anderson III, on behalf of Allen Yarid against Yarid’s employer 7-Eleven Inc. According to the Yarid lawsuit, he was hired as a sales associate in 2014 and that, according to 7-11’s internal policies, should have been promoted to senior sales associate within 45 days. It alleges that Yarid was finally promoted to certified sales associate at the 7-11 Powdersville store “on or about January 2018” despite having frequently expressed desire to be promoted as far back as 2015. According to the lawsuit, “Throughout his employment, and continuing up until the present, 7-11 has favored employees under 40 years old to the detriment of Mr. Yarid” who was 59 when hired in 2014. And it says, “On May 29, 2018, the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission issued Mr. Yarid a notice of right to sue.” The lawsuit seeks back pay, promotion to a suitable position, and to enjoin 7-11 from further discriminating against Yarid.