Circumstances to establish a Walhalla curfew

After George Floyd’s death, Walhalla saw protesters and counter protesters and, at times, city officials worried things might get out of hand.  Now the city is moving toward a set of conditions to justify curfews if gatherings might lead to threats to destroy property or endanger public safety.  At last night’s meeting, Councilman Danny Woodward introduced an ordinance for the city to follow.  With one amendment, it passed first reading.  There may be another change before it becomes final.  Councilman Dennis Owens doesn’t like the provision that during a curfew someone could not have in his possession firearms or ammunition even if they had the proper permit.  That, Owens believes, would violate the 2nd amendment.  But, as currently written, the ordinance would not prohibit someone from having guns or ammunition in his home.