Bo Bowman to impart legal advice

The city of Seneca reserves the option to meet privately next week to again take up the legal matter that divides the city from the Joint Regional Sewer Authority and its municipal partners in their joint venture to provide service.  The agenda indicates that, at the end of Tuesday’s regular August meeting, the city council will adjourn behind closed doors to hear their in-house attorney, Bo Bowman, discuss the status of Seneca’s efforts to extract a greater clout of voting authority on the JRSA board of commissioners.  Seneca has gone as far as to hire outside counsel and threaten the JRSA and Walhalla and Westminster with a lawsuit for a court to decide the matter.  In recent months, the squabble went to a mediation proceeding, the contents of which are not being publicly discussed.  One of the parties has told 101.7/WGOG NEWS:  “The mediator asked us not to comment on what happened….I wish I could.”