Arrest made in the Fishing Hole burglary case

A young Seneca man remained jailed today on the charge that he was the one who pulled off a burglary this month at the Fishing Hole store near Lake Hartwell. William Kyle Melvin was jailed today under a surety bond of $60 thousand to cover the charge of burglary second degree, petty larceny, and malicious injury to real property. Meantime, the Sheriff’s Office has announced a grace period for anyone in possession of stolen Fishing Hole items. According to this statement: “The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is aware that stolen items have been disseminated to individuals well known by law enforcement. If you or anyone you know is in possession of any of these stolen items, they can be returned to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office without criminal penalty through the end of August.” An arrest warrant signed by officer Barry Owens alleges items worth $1,599 were stolen during the night of Thursday, August 8.